¶ Chewing Gum

Let me introduce to you. nicorette: the medicated chewing gum. this is my new candy fer now. if you dare to buy it.you can have it.only RM22.oo hehe. Trust me its not a drugs okey.

actually this is what i eat for a past 3 days. and the reason I chew this gum because this is my medication for STOP SMOKING. hell yeah.

peeps said. "if you want to stop smoking it count on your mental and heart".they said.if i want to stop smoking only depends on my mentality and my heart.but when i did their way, im got sick. i got in fever.damn its fucking hard to stop smoking.OH dunhill you made me chump.hehe.it easy to say but hard to do it idiotta.

if i'm successfully stop smoking this time, without any fever and some other side effect.finally will put another √ mark on my 100 wishes #69.yeah yeah. pray for me guys. Amin.......

p/s: click on colors word. link to my oldest entry bout my 100 wishes.okey.:)

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kupu-kupu_cinta said...

berkesan ke chew gum ni?

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

berkesan..tapi aku sndri tak tahan wo..ashik muntah2 jerk.

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