¶ Reason Why I Am Single: Re-post

I oready told you before why I am single. Now i have to re-post this again. hrmm.... so read it ok.

I guess for me, I’m the guy that fits in the #2 and #4.

"I wouldn’t say I’m ugly, nor will I turn heads, I would say I’m average"

Also it is possible for me that I sub-consciously sabotage every possible relationship that I might have, as on paper my finances is a joke. Well that’s a struggling entrepreneur for ya. Maybe unknowingly I felt that I’ve nothing to offer to the opposite sex, and I just kinda let the sparks fizzle.

Anyway I’ve dated and waited for almost a year, what’s another 1 year of waiting.

I’ve really learned plenty from my past relationships, as I’ve thought of it as my training wheels for the really ’serious’ one. I really really really want to be sure this time round.

I know I’ll be a great boyfriend, friend, confidant, lover and daddy one day. That I’ve faith in.

Oh well …

footnote: so, dun ask me again the reason why I am single.Okey...

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Belle Bedazzled said...

your FLOWER doesn't BLOOM yet..
she'll come one day..
have a faith okay..

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

hrmm....dont mention it again mia..it make me hurt again....sory to say this

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