¶ Rubix Cube Solver

Rubix Cube 3x3x3

I believe most you you well known bout this Puzzle toy rite.. ??If you remember my 100 wishes entries. I have a wish to play a puzzle. Now I am complete another wishes that I want in my life or we called The Bucket List..

Actually it suddenly happen..I do not aspect that i will play this puzzle actually.Thank you to my room mate who brings this game into our house.Thank MR.CHOT, you such a good friends...Once you play this puzzle, you must really2 have feelings to finish this puzzle rite??but if you do not know how to solve it, what did you do? this is maybe your solution if you do not know how to solve the puzzle..

Yeah...that it, easy..rite??within only 6 seconds.haha.

But guys..that is not a solution that i take..I have learn how to solve this puzzle just like any beginner who had jump into this game..Duration of time I learn this things is only 1 nite. I just wont believe it. But I did..Thank you Youtube.com because of this web..I can learn everything.hehe. Not forget to give a big thank you to Pogobat who create This video on you tube:

Now my best record 5 minutes 12 seconds. Believe it or not? just belive it.I believe, I can beat my own record. To be like my mentor Yu Nakajima who play this puzzle 14.56 seconds in 1 left hand. He is super fast..Yeah..I can tell..hehe..Here, I want to persuade to all of you guys to try this Rubix Cube Puzzle. Because it can make you focus on something.Ok?? yeah it should be ok.. Until next post guys.Chow.

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