¶ Things You Should Do Before Graduate College

Yeah..as you know I have already Finish my Final Examination today and that means it’s time to celebrate for many of you. For others, it means that you’re one step closer to freedom. While I won’t be graduating until ends of this year, so I do have a few nuggets of wisdom to share from my experiences. Here are 10 things you should do before you graduate from college.

1. Study

At least once during your college career, you should make an effort to study. You are paying for it after all. And remember all of those movies where nobody thinks the slacker can pass the final exams maybe by using TOYOL would help us sometimes, but they cram really hard, pass the exam, get the girl, and live happily ever after. That could be you!

2. Go on a date

You’d be surprised how many college students forget about this one. While studying is good, part of the college experience is meeting new people. You definitely won’t meet new people if you lock yourself in your dorm room and study all the time. Honestly, will your friends and family be more impressed that you graduated with a 4.0 or that you found a boyfriend/girlfriend? But we are Muslims. We have our cultural ethics right. So, behave of your self. For a girl, do not yell to your mum."Looks mum, I got baby". Anak Luar Nikah.haish.

3. Stay up all night

I’m just suggesting an all-nighter. Whether you spend it studying or partying is totally up to you. For the adventurous, I’d suggest mixing it up and doing at least one of each. Seeing the sunset and sunrise without sleeping is an essential part of the college experience.

4. Take a road trip

Being away from home is a big part of what makes college so fun. However, even college can get boring after awhile, so gather up some friends and take a road trip. Spontaneous or planned — it doesn’t matter. The next time you have the urge to get out of town, just call up some friends and go!

5. Go somewhere for Long break (during Semester break)

This is the last time you’re going to have Long break unless you become a teacher or professor, so make the most of it. Go somewhere you’ve never been before or party with your friends for an entire week.

6. Travel abroad

If you haven’t caught on yet, college is a great time to travel. Most college students don’t have to worry about things like taking care of kids or paying the bills yet, so this is great time to travel abroad and experience different cultures. It’s also great because college students can save a lot of money by staying in hostels while traveling abroad. By the way I believe that your friends came from many state at peninsular Malaysia.So, Go!!

7. Play full campus capture picture

This may sound a little strange, but trust me — it’s awesome. It doesn’t have to be limited to capturing picture properly only. You can play candid. Maybe just snap a picture every minute you were free. Believe it or not, you will looking at your spydie save file on your lappy and cry happily and miss your moment together.

8. Get an internship

Internship is student best friends, and it’s true. Internships give you valuable experience that you just can’t get in a college classroom. You’ll gain real world experience that will help you decide what career path to pursue. It will help in your job search as graduation approaches, because you will already have real world experience under your belt.

9. Leave a mark

No, I’m no advocating vandalism, although that’s a pretty good way to leave a mark on something. What I’m really talking about is leaving a mark on your college. This could be anything from participating in campus clubs or events, doing research for a professor or lecturer, or scratching your initials in a table at your favorite hangout. (I’m a hypocrite.) The point is to leave your name on something you accomplished associated with your college. What’s the point of going to college if you don’t contribute anything to it?

10. Say goodbye

If there’s one thing to remember to do before you graduate, it’s this one. Many people look back at college as the best years of their lives, and this is usually because they shared them with some great friends. As we all know, even the best friendships grow apart sometimes, especially when you move away to different cities, states, or even countries. Be sure to have one last get together with your friends because you never know when you’ll all be in one place again.

A last word for my classmate that is Dee,Alleyza,Iyla,Zee,Salmiza,Munirah,Faten, Leha, Nada, Hazra, Kecik, Dila and all classmate. Gud luck for your internship. See you all again during Presentation and Sending the Report. hait..

p/s:sory if i dont state your name on it cz there are so many of them

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~~nAzIrAh aShAr~~ said...

babe..u'll make me miss ma clasm8 so much n all the memories there..ea last sem gak eh fahmie??

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

yup..baru jer abes final exam..uhuk.

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