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i have finish my final exam a few hours ago...but that is not what I want you to noe rite now..hehe..enough for introduction

anyway...i have made dailybooth account a few days ago. for me, this is a new place for me to interframe my new and the latest pic and be PHOTOHOLIC.yeah......... Plus...I will have comment just a few second after I'm uploading my new pic.

  1. upload your new pic.
  2. add some wall about that picture.
  3. then walla.wait a few seconds someone will comment your picture.

but the problem is.this site not famous as Facebook or Myspace. So I have a problem to find Malaysian here(read and speak in Melay even rite now i am writing in English.hehe).maybe if I publish this entry. I can open your eyes how nice this site and you also can apen an account and again...be PHOTOHOLIC.hehe..

owh i forgot. this my page.

it's also a click able picture - click it to go right away to my dailybooth:)

for re-info I have another intersting account. Next time I will tell you about my Tumblr.Okey.chow.

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ika honey bunny said...

dailybooth ni sebenanye natang ape?

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

kalau diclasifikasikan sbgai binatang.dye nie menatang jenis suke di upload pic..try la.baru la twu...wokey..

kupu-kupu_cinta said...

hohohoho. bru thu..

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