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Actually I am not qualified to write this entry. But, I do not know why I would like to share with you bloggers. Maybe because you guys talk about Love this days. So for introduction

All this things happens
few years ago, I have gathered many words of love then I give to my beloved. Probably because of all this verse is that makes them attracted to me most likely. Who knows.

This is the word that I had collected. Just read it if you want it.and deny this entry if you hate to read this. Maybe I am on sentimental rite now. I also do not now. So enjoy!


love the heart that hurts you, but

never hurt the heart that loves you,

please don’t hurt my heart.

today where we can meet? I want to

give my love heart to you. Because

I love you.

True love never lives happily ever

after, true love has no ending.

In the game of love, there will be good

Time , and there will be bed times

Both are inevitable

Love start with a hug, grows with

A kiss, and ends with a marriage.

You can fall from the sky, you can

Fall from a tree, but the best way

To fall is in love with me.

If there ever comes a day when we

Can’t be together, just know that

You are in my heart, you’ll be in

There forever!

When I look at you, I cannot deny

There is a God, cause only God could

Have crated someone as wonderful

And beautiful as you.

Mature love says, I need you because

I love you.

Do you love me because I am handsome,

Or am I handsome because you love


I get the best feeling in the world

When you say Hi or ever smile at me

Because I know, even if It’s just

For a second, that live crossed

Your mind

Anyone can catch your eyes, but it

Takes someone special to catch your


As we go on we remember all the

Times we had together as our life

Changes whatever we will still be

Friends for ever, we will life together

Flower will die, sun will set, you are a

Friend I’ll never forget, u r rime

Is so precious n want grow old,

And is engraved in my heart is

Letters of gold.

Do we close our eyes when we

Sleep, when we dream, when we

Kiss? Because the most precious

Thing in the world is unseen.

When I close my eyes I see


Why do stars fall from the sky? Because

Like me they want to be near to


Few millions flowers in the world.

All flowers are is not beautiful. For

My eyes you only beautiful.

Why birds fall from the sky

Every time u walk by? Why do stars

Fall from the sky? Cause like me

They want 2 b near u!

I opened my wallet and found its

Empty, I searched my heart

And found you. Now really I am

Very rich.

What’s the difference between

Pleasure is when you are with

Me…..torture is when you are

Not with me.

Special someone I cant replace

I LOVE YOU always will……

You are always my miss world

You loving face no 1 will ever

Take your place

Who is my best friend. Your lips

Is best friend always.

If a kiss was a raindrop I’d

Send u showers. If a hug was

A second I’d send u hours

If a smile was water I’d send

U a sea. If love was a person I’d

Send you me….

There are red roses in my garden

There are roses in the park. But

Nothing is more be beautiful then

Our two hearts are meeting

You know guys walks over

25,000 km in his life. For you

I will walk more than that…

If u love me….

Love is like CD track that links

Our hearts together and if

You ever break that CD, you

Will break my heart.

Accidents do happen, slip, stumble

I fall but usually I don’t care, but

Now, don’t know what to do

Because I slipped and full in

Love with my gurl…

I wish I was ur bed, I wish I was

Ur pillow underneath your head, i

Wanna b all around yours, I wanna

Hold you tight,and b the are lucky

Enough to kiss you.

Come my dear,sleep inside

My sweet heart, my heart is

Waiting for u.

Sometime your joy is the

Source of your smile, but sometimes

Your smile can be the source of

Your joy, but every time you are with

Me I will be joy


We live in the wonderful world

That is full of beauty, charm and

Adventured, but I cannot live with

Out you honey

For every beauty there is an

Eye some where to see it, for

Every love there is a heart

Somewhere to receive it

When I saw u…I state your

Heart don’t ask your heart back..

I have the ‘I love’ so plz can I have

‘ u’??

I pray to god , I want to u, when

God give you to me, he planted

The image of you deep in my


Sweet heart! You hold my arms

I will bring moon to your hand

Meeting you was a fate, becoming

Your friend was a choice, but

Falling in love with you was

Completely out of my control

I love you for ever

I will send my smile to you

That day for your wonderful day

You show me now that it is to

Loved, one day we will be together

Forever. I can’t wait to hold

You in my arms again. Come to

Be now.

Memories last forever, they simply

Never die true lovers stay

Together, they never say good bye

To love.

To all my friends I love u so

U give me all the strength to grow

A true friendship will never never die

Unless it is all a lie.

Don’t say I hate you! Say I love

You! After that I don’t want anything

from you.

If you need love text me. If you

Need me, come to me. If you don’t



Be mine, I’ll always hold u close

To me, I’ll be there for u, and

Always care for u, I’ll give the

World and make u happy.

Me dear sweet heart just wanted

To say I LOVE YOU make my heart

Happy and I love being with you.

Always draw a circle around the

Ones you love, never draw a heart

Because heart can be broken,

But circles are never ending. Circle

Always will join. LOVE ME!

I cannot forget u..it take a minute

To have a crush, an hour

To like someone,and day to

Love someone, but it take a

Lifetime to forget someone.

No one is too young for love

Because love doesn’t come from

Your mind, which knows your age,

But from your heart, which

Knows no age.

Who care whatever it is

Poem or rhyme. I will love you

Until the end of my life.

It is hard to tell your mind to

Stop loving someone when you

Heart still does.

You are my dream forever

I’ll hate you never

In my heart wherever

And I pray I’ll be loved by you


The sky has lost it is colour

Why? Because you are walking

With me.

Last night, sent an angle to

Watch over you while you were

Sleeping. He come back early, so i

Asked him why? He said that

Angles don’t watch over other


Sending the little message of love

To your heart from mine

Just to say I love you

You showed me now it is to be loved.

Now, I know what really love is

One day we will be together forever

Please hang signboard in your heart


Love is like a bed of roses

There are many thorn come let

Us enjoy only bet of

Loving you is like breathing ,how

I can stop breath?

If you love me like you told me

Please be careful with my heart

You can take it, but just don’t

Break it.

Love makes life so confusing and

Difficult but without love would

You want to live? Without you I

Cannot breath also, because my heart

Is with you

Tell me if you love me

Tell me if its true

Let me be yours forever

Love forever

If it would be a tears yours eye

I will roll down on your check

And die on your lips and if you

Would tears in my eye, I will never

Cry by a fear of losing

When I saw you I afraid to meet you

When I meet you I afraid to like you

When I liked you I afraid to love you

But now that I love you

I am afraid to lose you

Plz love me for ever

Last night I looked up at the stars

And matched each one with a reason

Why I love you, I cannot matched

Love is when you don’t want to go to sleep

Because reality is better then a dream, I will

Not sleep 2 days waiting for you

I’m not the same since I met you

The days turned longer the night

Turned colder and u will always

Have a special place in my heart

Just for you I love you

Never do a wrong thing to take

A sweet heart or to keep one

A road to yours house is never

Long for me. Because you are in

My heart house

If I had a red rose for every

Time I think of you, I would

Walk in my garden forever

Everyone hears what you say. I

Listen to what you say. Bcz lover

Listen to what you don’t said.

I knew I would look back on my

Tears and laugh but I never

Thought I would look back on

My lought and cry. Please don’t

Heart me again....

If you live to be a 100 years. I want

To life to be 100 yrs minus one day,

So I never have to life

Without you, I cant live without you

We are each an angle with only

One wing, and we can only fly

By embracing each other

How lucky I am to have known

Someone who was so hard to

Say goodbye to…

A life without love is no life

at all.. love meeeee now..

for all the ways you’re helped

me grow I want to say I love you

love will grow like beyond tree

if I love you is only tree words

why is it worth a million??

Because you know love

Will do miracle

Sex without love is on empty

experience , but is empty experience

Go, its one of the best in the world.

If death is the only way will

Part them let me die with you

Because my heart is with you

Harsh word break no bones, but

They do break hearts. Don’t use

Harsh words, don’t break my heart

Love bears all things, love

Believes all things, love hopes all

Things and most precious of all

Loves endures all things, come

We love and make things happy

The greatest science in the word,

Haven and on earth is love

Fear less, hope more, eat less

Chew more, whine less ,breath more

Talk less good for you.

Love more and all good thing

Will be yours

Where there is great love

There are always miracle

So come and join with me

Love is like a roller coaster

Once you have completed

The ride you want to go again

If you think my eye was

Beautiful, its because I

Am watching at you

Don’t say you me unless you

Really meant it. Bcz I might do

Something crazy like believe it

When two people love each other

They don’t look at each other

They look at the same direction

Believe it or not

All you need is love, give me

A chance to love you my sweet heart

We can do not great thing

Only small things with great love..

The end….

Notes: larger font size, the more i like the verse.

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ika honey bunny said...

Perghhh... hahahaha

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

ape pergh2?? hehehehe...

Belle Bedazzled said...

i've fallen to these magic words!!
Standing Ovation to you coz compile such a lovely quotes =)
cair banget...

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

belle..dats is too much dear..enough fer me if you use this verse in your daily life....

~~Sue eLLa~~ said...

suka bangat this entry,even panjang pun..tapi still baca ulang3..magic words.... :)) precious words though

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

fahmie tulis just nk share jer pe yg pnah jadi memory.skrg smua da tak bermakne dah.fahmie sndri bace pon da tak de perasaan..lols. tp best la dapat buat org lain swing bace entry nie..just lyk u did.hehe.tengs again fer reading..

Nur Shaikhah Akmal said...

you talk about love
and love and love

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

hehe..tak salah kn klu fahmie cakap pasal love jgk..igt pompuan jer ke boleh huh??

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