¶ Hai Doctor

Owh..to be honest, today is my second day I have fever. Hah...but still bloging, facebooking, YMing and etc. Internet is my medicine hehe. So for introduction

First of all thanks to Dr. Mohd Norfairuz M.D (UKM) bcoz check my health just now.hehe then he give me what else UBAT lah..(I hate that)

my medicine

Not only that. I have to attend to Hospital Sultanah Aminah this Wednesday. Doctor said that the medicine that he give me only for my painkiller. The only reason I sick this time is I have problem with my Lock Jaw. Doctor said, my gland has swollen because of my Lock Jaw effect my gland at the same time effect my brain. I have big headache last this 2 days.OMG only god knows my painful.

Appointment Letter

Doctor writing is bad isnt it?? loss. Actually I am so scared to see the doctor this Wednesday. Sape yang tak takut jumpe dokter.hehe . Even more, Malaysian Hospitality System is so worse. I hate of waiting. Arghh.....hehehe. But nevermind, because so many people afraid about me. I will take my medication and maybe everything surgery that I have to attend for my lock jaw. Pray for me guys.TQ

p/s: Do what you want to do with me as long as i cant get healthy again. Thanyou doctor.

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~~Sue eLLa~~ said...

huh....pity on u....get well soon..take a good care of ur health... :)if blogging n facebooking can make u feel better...so go on fahmie!haha..

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

haha..i will..no worries.moreover that wt im good on..tengs fer your concern dear..:)

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