¶ Puke

hey blogger..i just cant stop writing bout ma feelings.but if you wanna read this...go a head.but if you dont.go to hell..i dont care..

I dunno how to put my feelings into words and i even dont noe why i wrote in here..maybe this is the only places that i can spend my single moment with..but i'll try to convert it to you dear blog.

what i felt rite now seems dat so wrong.i even dont noe what to do.what to say.and what i have to see. i feels lyk im leving someone elses life.i just wanna step outside.when everything was goin rite. and i noe dat why you couldn't come along with me.this is not your dreams.but you always believin me.

at the same time.you do not noe how much you made me.you made me fucking sick to my stomic.everytime i think of you i PUKE..you may just not noe.you may not think you do.but you do and every time i think of you i PUKE again.

this is the weirdest thinks ever happen to me..what is happen to me actually?i still dont noe yet.
friends come to suffer me.and what i did is.back off..this is my life.sory Alleyza.i didnt mean to hurt you and made you wory..thanx cz being my friends even my charecteristic is weirdo among you guys friends.

my life seems to be so wrong again..I am looking at her and his beloved.and my thiny litle voise keep telling me.."Is dat great to see both of them happy?".and my head keep saying."she dump to you.why you should thinkin of them..?."yeah..i follow ma head..gud mindkeys....

maybe this is a curse on me. and I.I am Puke again when thinking bout all this. hey fahmie...what should i do...? nothing.....

i have another 2 pepers for ma final exam...this 4 May is Organizational Behavior.8 May...principles of corpotare compliance or we can say that LAW.both of this paper is Killer Paper...damnation.how should i handle this..to be profesional.i will TRY..but...I PUKE again...

i do not noe how to ends all this..maybe just have to stop rite..........................Here[titik].

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