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guys....i dunno how to put my feelings into words. but i'll try the best as i could ok..hrmm...this post i'm writing rite now, that you were read rite now, that you were see rite now and the music that u heard rite now is the place i call "curhat".(it was Indo word i guess). The place i can say anything, do anything and write anything that cross on ma mind.

okey...just lyk the title above.pic presentation...and here come the pic that i want to write about...

This is my mother wedding ring
Roslina Salikin : March 4th 1965

This is My New Father during the "Akad Nikah"
1045 hours: March 28th 2010
No. of Akad Nikah: 2 times

Husband and wife

this 3 pic and this 3 moment is something that really make me ask ma self several time. What kind of feeling is this? This situation con't until rite now. Actually i want to be happy for my mom. But....at the same time i just wondering. Is it really happen here. So, i'm just leave my feelings and continue with the flow.

Until now, because of all this happen. I'm just make a conclusion that i had no feelings. Yeah as simple as that. Something that really sure is I LOVE MY MOM and that is the fact

My new father name Ibrahim. Till now i'm just call him with Pakcik Brahim. Maybe it take time for me to act apon situation of Step Father and me. Maybe after this I would call him "Abah" or "Ayah" who noes.depends on the situation ok.

This situation will take enough time as it wanna be. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week or next month, or could be next years and next decade. I just leave this duty to the TIMES.

Hope my mom and my step father will leave happy ever after after this. For my real father, hope there is no hard feelings since you are the one who responsible to start all this situation. What ever happen you are my real father and I LOVE YOU so.

Lastly, i hope that....there is no fighting among my mom, my step mom, my dad, and my step dad. OK.

p/s: warkah dari anak mu.

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~~nAzIrAh aShAr~~ said...

congratz ya for your mom...try la to accept him as ur father..who noe he better than ur own dad..

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

hehe..thanx zira.hopefully lah...kn? bdway thanx again k for ur concern...

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