¶ New daddy the sicret

now is 6 46 in the morning.and i. i still cant sleep. tday is the day my mum will get married again wif some1 she know at some places.after a years divorce wif my dad, finally she meet some1 that taking care of her.

i do not know what kind of this feelings. but it the age of 21 rite now, this strange feeling make me think that this is mayb the best choice that this 5 brothers have to accept for my mother own gud. i want somebody can take care of my mum went i'm goin olders soonna or later.by that time we (the 5 brother) hope that this guy will be the person who responsible to bring HAPPINESS to my lovely mum.

@new daddy: if you make my mum sad, unresponsive, ant etc. I believe i would be the person who find yeah and kick your ass up outta here.(thats ma promise)

@my 4 brothers: please support our mum. she needs us hell much. and i noe that we are her happiness.

my mom gonna get married by tday at Masjid Taman Daya at 9 30 a.m (Malaysian Time).cant wait for it. hope so there is nothing wrong during the ceremony.

and for you guys who wondering how is it gonna looks alike. i will cherish this moment on the next post. OK? yeah it should be OK rite? hehe..

@ me, my self and i: after this you will have 2 mum, and 2 dad. and u are very rich.hehe

dang it fahmie! i noe i can.chow!

p/s: to my mum, do what u wanna do as long it can make you happier than ever. plus...i love you.

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