¶: I'm outta here

MAKE you cry all the time?
DO or SAY things that make you fell stupid, embarrassed or worthless?
KEEP you from spending time with your family and friends?
KEEP you from doing things you want to do, like a job or join a team?
ACT super jealous or possessive?
SHOVE,SHAKE, SLAP or hit you?
THREATEN to hurt or kill your or themselves?
LIE or HIDE things from you?
Always EXPECT to get their way?

If you said YES even on of these, it's time to say "I'M OUTTA HERE"
Its seem a wrong way to break up with an abusive person and here's is the wrong way to look alike.but in any reason this is what u have to do.....so please..LOVE is all about "HOLD HAND"..
Sex, romance, and anything else is not an option and even a reason you belongs together.....
thanx to The Beatles who let me understand all this things...

p/s: guess what!!!?

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