¶: New Semester Problems.the prolem with "S".

haits...when it come to new semester, this problem always come out (in my college only)...first of all the SCHEDULE. why its always have a clash with the other classes. jezz its make me sick. But its okey...the problem is still under control.though, my class jezzing pack. Waw 21 creadit hour this sem.......hehe

but the fact, if my super duper junior that is still freshy here read my blog.they would say "hek eleh, knape la dye ade masalah mcm nie..repeat paper la tuh". Perh...if they say that i'm totally will kill him or maybe for "her"...... siap ko aku buli.hahaha(evil evil evil).

just ignore bout freshy...as you noe...freshy is arrogant,stubborn and totally un-respect to their senior and anything you think they are.but the FACT they will find us went they are desperate. this is normal here and maybe in your place either.aiight?? to the not really junior....dont wory i will help your event...at least not much but its a help..so thanx me after this.

So........my bigest problem here is my course registration....jezz...argghhhh....... (geram seh aku...macam nak maki jer..) ~!@#$%^&*()_~~!@#$%^&*(.....(dont try this at home cz it was un polite)
this is the second weeks...come on lah weh UiTM...plz let me gegister my subject. i feel this is another burden for me.dah la sampai 18 ari bulan jer....

this is the registration
viewclick to full view the picture

p/s: technician UiTM plz la buat la keje korang tuh...penat aku ashik nk bukak student portal jer.
p/s/s: plajar junior aku tuh sedar2 la diri korang
satu jer p/s agi boleh tak??: selamat memula kan kelas kawan2..
aku janji nie last p/s heh: thanx for reading...

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miss jue said...

uitm memang camtu. sejak dulu aku hadapinya tapi rasanya sem ni paling teruk.

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

lah..knape dgn sem nie??ape yg teruknyer??

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