¶: Informal letter

Dear Friends,

I noe you gonna read this blog since the 1st day i wrote for this. So, I guess I will writing all this exactly as wt I hv remembered to make all this things real. After a long conversation with you just now that just ends on 5:34 in the morning and it takes about 1 hours 32 minutes and 3 seconds. I just find something different about you then the other woman that I have meet and well known before. At the same time i do not know why i wrote about you. So, if you read this, this time I want all this to be as going in one ear and out the other. Please pretending like nothing eva happen.

My purpose to write this to you just want to remember this moment exactly after we ending our long conversation. Honestly, I have enjoy our conversation as much as I read a book during a raining days and have a cup of hot Milo in the other hands and sited on the the backyard that full of flower during a summer. Can you imagine that situation? Yeah I know you should be gud on this.

This feeling has been interrupted right after I said something that really hurt your feelings. And I am so sorry about it. Cz i didnt meant to. Its all ma fault, i'm all out while talking to other people without realize my words hurt others feeling. Hope you really forgive me as what u hv said just now.

Did you know what is the different about todays call and the other call that i hv before?absolutely not rite? Unless you have good instinct to predict me.hehe. Today, during 1st conversation we hav been trough full package feelings that was; Happy, Sad, Mad, Laugh, Psychological , Physical, Mental Ability and more. All of this combining at one single lucky call.

Thanx to you now we are close enough to meet this evening. Hope there is nothing interrupting. Just lyk you said. In front of the Transational's counter ticket. hahaha.So! i'll be at the rite time and the rite places just lyk we agreed just now. Thats it....I cant wait to se you...

Until next time.

Your faithfully,
Zulfahmi Abidin

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