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To make it very clear..I wrote “THIS” for my blog at 2:05 in the morning and at 10-January-2010 on Microsoft Word before I’m updating my blog. The reason why I’m writing rite now is I have a remarkable day. Hope you enjoy reading a history about my love one.

First of all, may I introduce to all of yea my ex…ex…ex…girlfriend. The 1st one is Norhan and people just call her G-Gy. She was my first girl in my whole life. Errrr…what we call “First Love” I think. But it would be famous as “Cinta Monyet”. Hehehe,,what a annoying word. The 2nd one is Norhayatun and her nickname was Yun. The 3rd one is absolutely Noordiyana and friends call her Yana. The 4th one is Norhazwani and the gangs call her Wany. Then the 5th one I’m back to Yana. but again with Yana just be hold for only 4 month. That was the introduction for you to understand what would I wanna story for yea after this.

My story is….today my friend, that was Ali Topan (Not a real name) asks me to accompany him to find his stuff for start into a college this 15 January 2010. By noon we are going to Angsana Tampoi to get him a trousers and other stuff. Then I’m accidentally meet g-gy with her husband and child. Haha..After 5 years we wasn’t meet, finally meet her at Angsana. What a dramatic moment, but I wont even say Hi to her.

Let’s take a view of G-gy

Then by 2:00++ p.m. my friend and I go to the Larkin bus station to get my ticket for the next evening I going back to Bandar Penawar. Then I’m flabbergasting with my 3rd girlfriends that just going back from KL.hehe. We doesn’t talk to much and I’m leaving her without saying anything to her. Just lyk I meet G-gy just now.

Now let’s take a look my picture with this girl, Wany.

After that, our next destination is absolutely City Square (CS). There I meet several of my kampong boy. It was Wan, Syafiq, and Lee-in. After westing several hours, as usual guys will thirst his cigarette. And we are taking a fresh air behind the Levi’s Store. Then, while watching another vehicle crossing in front of me. I saw that Yun and her boyfie riding a motorcycle.jeng jeng jeng.....

And here I show you my picture with Yun

Then I am smiling for a several minutes. hehe. There is the only one of my ex that I wasn’t meets yet for today. And it is Yana.

You must remember this girl.

Now, by looking and at the same times knowing that all of my ex-girlfriend has their own life and one of them has a great family. I am realizing that how I miss to be around them. Then now, I know how lonely I am to be single. Thank you for reading fellas.

p/s: I will always praying for all of you guys happiness.Amin.

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