¶: Confession Of M.Z.A

To make it simple….my name is Mohd Zulfahmi Abidin. Frends just call me Fahmie since I was in Kemas Tabika.was born on 30th March 1989 and it was Thursday.I’m hold the Aries Zodiac. Raised by hot mumma and players dad, both are from Pontian johor. Well,I was peor JoHorian because I was born in Johor, Study in Johor, and even leave in Johor.and I just proud to be part of it. I am the 4th from the 5 guy in this family. I love speeding but not in illegal ways. Well known in my group member as Te+gak. I dunno why they call me dat but for ma sure it was because of my hair look. I am use to be a student of Smk Dato’ Abdul Rahman Yassin. And yea for 5 years and not really proud of it.deh…then I continue my Studies here in Desaru in cause Office Management under Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM).yup its deep in the jungle.but who care…im just wanna study.nop im not rich.and the reason why I had been study here is because UiTM Induk just put me here…what a crusty crap…I am kind of Kecoh Blang2 student and its make people recognize me easily.and when im popular so dat people start to busy on me..and all of that totally suck. Yeah, I had been extend my semester once..but after all of it I came back in new way,new style and new me.and lastly.i’ll repost everything what I’ve crapped in this blog.so dats it.thanks for reading!

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