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I just finished watch a movie. This movie attract me to write this entry. Here come what I want to share with all of you.

What is your blood type? A? B? AB? O?

Do you believe if I say that there is a secret
instead of your blood type? Do you know a lot of research
showed that blood type can give a picture of
behavior and the nature of a person? Here I share with
Your hidden secret behind the blood type.


Individuals who have blood type
category are characterized as individuals who are loyal, patient and always
optimistic about the capacity and capability themselves.

In addition, this category of individuals from
often is like a leader in any matter
want to do, especially involving the work group.

If want something, you will strive to achieve that goal no matter in what way.

Sometimes you say have a very strong nature of jealousy.

Also, the competition is too serious that it could put pressure on yourself.

Therefore you should be more emotionally intelligent control yourself not to be dominated by pressure.


Harmony and peace is the goal
major in your life. You like to do the work in
group, and you also like to engage in association.

You hang out with smart people around and it appears they are always glad to cooperate with you.

Attitude sensitive, patient, and considerate
which is in you represent that you belong to
category of individuals who have a caring personality. Although
However, sometimes you quite stubborn and too hard working
so ignore all the time to rest.

Remember, health is also necessary
preferred. Never being too complacent with your work,
health is a neglected.


Sempoi! That is the expression most closely with you. You are more comfortable with the simplicity.

While you are in relationship
individuals who are too honest and truthful 'preference in any
matter. In carrying out the tasks given, you
prefer to conduct your own way.

You are a creative individual and
flexible, easy for you to put yourself in any
all situations or certain groups.

You are intelligent individuals who socialize.
But sometimes your attitude that likes to be independent and do not like
ask for help from others that could cause problems for himself
once you and show weakness in yourself. You
remember that not all things we can solve


Calm and intelligent control of emotions, that
clearly reflected in the personality of the individual belonging
in a variety of categories of blood is AB.

You also always respect others
and this makes people who are around you feel
comfortably side by side with you.

You also have the attitude of the natural humor in yourself and always be entertaining and fun.

Yet there is one thing you should
improvements in your self. You need to be more intelligent and daring to
make their own decisions. Do not let others make decisions
for yourself.

For additional knowledge...

In Japan, forecast a more determined by the blood of the zodiac or shio. Why? He said the blood was determined by specific protein-protein developed all the cells in our body and therefore also determine our psychology. What is not true?


A organized, consistent, high-life with work, but always anxious (perfectionism)'s sometimes easy to make people mad, political tendency, 'destra'
B cool, easy going, independent, and most enjoy the life, political tendency, 'sinistra'
O great heart, supple,never give up, allergic to self-details, political tendency, 'Centro'
AB unique , resourceful, perticular about time, the tendency of political


The most easyies time delay:

1 B (bcz so relaxing) haha..so true..this is my blood
2 O (bcz very flamboyance)
3 AB (bcz easy replacement program)
4 A (bcz failed in discipline)

The most particular on people mistake:
1 A (bcz perfectionism too large)
2 B (bcz easy going but also easy judging)
3 AB (bcz original diss)
4 O (easy judging, but also easy pardoning)

The most be trusted:
1 A (bcz consistent and obey the law)
2 O (in order to maintain balance)
3 B (to protect the enjoyment of life)
4 AB (easy to change the frame of reference)

Favorite for best friends:
1 O (very sportive)
2 A (always on time and precision)
3 AB (creative)
4 B (depending on mood)

Meanwhile, a friend's most annoyed / disliked:
1 B (self-absorbed, easy come easy go, kindda selfish) err..i dunno..ask my friends
2 AB (double standard)
3 A (very loyal and scrupulous)
4 O (difficult to give in)


The most easy to get lost / go astray
1 B
2 A
O 3
4 AB

The most extensive reach of olimpic medal sports:
1 O (sports magnate)
2 A (precision and matematis)
3 B (not influenced by pressure from the environment. Almost all athletes judo, swimming and wrestling japanese bergoldar o)
4 AB (allergic to every kind of sports)

Supervisor most extensive and leaders
1 O (bcz spirited leadership and problem-solver)
2 A (bcz charecteristic 'minute' and carefully)
3 B (bcz sensitive and easy to take decisions)
4 AB (bcz creative and like to take risks)

Off-diversified PM japanese mostly blood
1 O (-spirited leader)

Tokyo Univ students generally blood type: B

The most easy savings:
1 A (like calculating interest rate)
2 O (like to see prospects)
3 AB (bcz sooo sooo saving)
4 B (start saving money if no more)

The most powerful memory
1 O
2 AB
3 A
4 B

MC be the most suitable:
A (rich planner travel)

Health Concern
One's long life:
1 O (not easy stress, antibody most POWERFULL!)
2 A (regular life)
3 B (easy to find the stress compensation)
4 AB (lausy)

Most easy to obese
1 O (big appetite, you eat so fast)
2 B (very slow but continuing eating for along time, and more like good food)
3 A (only eat what is in the dish, influenced diet program)
4 AB (depending on the mood to eat, easy to get anoressia)

Most easy bitten by mosquitoes:
O (sweet blood)

The most easy flu / fever / cough
1 A (weak against the virus and spread disease)
2 AB (poor hygiene THD)
3 O (eat anything good or not good)
4 B (eat, sleep properly nope)

What they do in Eating party:
O (take much animal protein, primarily meat)
A (take well-balanced. 4 5 perfectly healthy)
B (like taking the water content of many foods eg soup, soto, ball etc)
AB (hobby just try that food all the cooking)

The most easy to get bald:
1 O
2 B
3 A
4 AB

I sleep most soundly and difficult to a wake them up:
1 B (even though there is still snore like Tsunami) haha..dats me..dats true I guess
2 AB (if the mood, sleeping is everything)
3 A (to be eight hours of sleep a day, according to the law)
4 O (to fall asleep if really get tired and need)

Most easy to sleep:
A B (most easily drowsy, even while standing can fall asleep)
2 O (If so tired and nothing to do, easy to get sleepy)
3 CD (depending on requirements)
4 A (depending on rules and orario)

Disease-in attack:
A (stress, insane)
B (weak against the influenza virus, the lungs) this one is also true
O (indigestion and abdominal pain susceptible)
AB (cancer and heart attacks, nervous)

The most common traffic crash (based on police data)
1 A
2 B
3 O
4 AB

You believe that? It is up to you to judge yourself ...

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