¶ 10 Things Guy Wish Gurl Knew

i have come out with this entry after
i comment on my friends blog. Thax Faten cz come out with topic "apa yang mereka mahu"

Here my 10 things Guy wish gurl knew
1.calling you on the phone does not mean what you think it means.which means, we talked to says he feels tons of pressure from girl when it come on telephone..
2.you are much prettier without all that makeup..
3.when we act spazzy and giggly, ifs seriously embarrasing.please accept that..because..as you noe..guys are stupid sometime.. :)
4.gossipping, whispering and writing notes make you on look beyond shallow..and we hate dat..
5.boys worry about what you think of their hair, skin, weight and clothes..
6.PMS is no excuse to him...which means...plz dont using PMS as an excuse to get mad on or changing mood.
7.talking about your "big" butt is so boring. guys hate when you keep asking are you big or not...because..if we are being with you,it means we like the way you are...
8.tigh clothes look uncomfortable,cheap, and sort of desperate and insecure...boys things that gurl fassion is stupid..because..please dressup simple and not attract other guys to see you..
9.most boys are looking for the right girl..boys always looking to a girl what kind of guy they interested.so if you are sometime annoying him.....stop that..he will find another gurl for you..
10.if you like,just tell him..what ever topic it is..just let him noe...we will appreciate what your likes....even we dont agreed...

this is based on
Fatin Razali entry.
she said this is what she learn from her Boyfie
1.sometimes boys mahu her gf yg text dye first.cos he feel very heppy,at least he know that her gf need him too.
2.boys mau gurl dress up secantik yg boleh ble kuor ngn dye...
3.mao gurl sedaya yg mampu utk fahami dye,lifestyle dye,his feeling,his habit.
4.boys mao his gurl pcaye kan dye,tak sala kongkong but give him some space.
5.make ur boys trust u,try la ngn cara ape pon,just make him trust u.
6.be fair..means lao gurl tak bagi his boy buat cmtu,gurl pon tak bley bt cmtu.
7.ble boy de problem,just be on his side..walau nyampah or bz cmne pon,just make him calm,dat time he really needed his gf.
8.ble tibe-tibe boy jd snyap or tak byk brcakap,gurl ptut byk brcakap.bg boys dat show u heppy hang out with him.
9.dun ever mention some name yg boys kamo pling tak suke in front of him.
10.ble boys mrajuk,pjuk la dye..cos ble kamo mrajuk,dye akan pujuk kamo,pujuk la da best yg kamo mampu
11.ble de masalah pape,jgn tunjok or lepaskn kt bf,especially while korg ngah dating.
12.ble gado n ngah mara,just pkir la even ckit kbaikan or kesweetan yg boy dye penah bt sebelom neh..sbb boys akan ingat bende tu ble dye nk pujok awek dye blik
13.gurl bley slalu kutok dye nye boys but at least bg satu pujian,ckp la pape pon yg brbentuk pujian,even pakwe neh buruk amat.
14.boys mao awek dye hug seerat mgkin while she can.
15.boys tak mao pape hadiah dari gurl,just want gurl spend time with him.
16.kdang kadang boys mao gak awek dye yg blanje dye ble kuor date.
17.jgn puji melampao laki laen depan ur boy cos ur boy will get jeles,same with gurl when boys do dat.
18.ble boys ajak kuor,try sedaya upaya utk tidak menolak except lao da x bley sgt an.
19.boys ske awek dye ciom pipi dye,even depan org ramai.
20.ble bgon pg,text morning pd boys and gud nite sebelom tdo.it show him u remember bout him every moment.
21.bgtao boys ke mane gurl mao kuor,just honest.
22.dun ever lie to her bf even utk kebaikan korg.ble da start tipu,maka akan always menipu.
23.boys ske brgurao,so gurl jgn mudah ambek hati or take it seriously.
24.sometimes bf kamu boleh buat kamu sangat menyampah ngan dye and sometime dye leh wat kamu sangat terharu ngan dye.
25.dun push ur bf,nanti tkot bf kamo akan smpai limit sabarnye.
26.love him as him love u . --------------------------------------------------------------------
i would like to know your mindkeys.
thanx fer reading.
please and please sgt2 leave your comment..

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