¶ Just went, Just because

Just when I think everything is going to be okay, I have nightmares.
Just when I think that I'm getting mature, I was shot down by other people.
Just when I think that I am ready to work, I overslept.

Just when I say I would do it, I got lazy.
Just when I finally feel confident, somebody says I'm fat.
Just when I got tired of having people push me over, people suddenly acts nice.
Just when I confidence, people said I'm show off

Just because I'm not perfect, doesn't give you the right to hate me.
Just because I'm nice, doesn't give you the right to be mean to me.
Just because I'm slow at times, doesn't mean you can call me stupid.
Just because I'm in love, doesn't mean you can say I ignore you.

Just because I say I'm OK, it doesn't really mean that I am.

I maybe stupid, I maybe in love, I maybe imperfect, but I am me.
and I am contempt with that.

Stop telling me what to do, and what not to do.
I'm sick of people like this. At the ends, its start pushing on me over and over again.
Back off. Just back off. I'm tired to listen.

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