¶ Beat one's brains out

just now when i want to go to my class, i just saw this view and spontaneously i snap a picture with my cyber-shot headphone.

see carefully on the picture...focus on the signboard...

sometime we don't agree went people said that Malaysian people is recalcitrant. or in abusive language we call it " keras kepala". but the fact is...this is wt they try to show us.

the signboard oready told us that we cant park here and there, but we still did all this thing event had been warning.haish... somebody should do something for others gud sake.

or maybe the signboard was not in the right place?
maybe what its means is, u can park in front of the signboard but you cant park behind the signboard.
it just maybe...hehe
as we know..the signboard usually use after the point that they put the signboard rite?
so, don't blaming on us (student) if we dont follow the signboard.
(that is taken from my frends words just now.thanx to Rizal.hehe)

people make mistake.
but I've been beating my brains out with it,
but I just can't solve it

p/s: selagi kite boleh betah arahan..kite sangkal semua larangan.chow

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