¶: Me, My Self and A Stick of Cigarette

its all started went i was extend from the college. and ma memory bout how i start to smoking began to obscure. its happen in 2008 by April and that is the first time that i was start smoking.

the first reason is..i have a migraine when i was start smoking.(can i do that as an excuses) its feels like it reduce ma headache.yeah its truly work. and its still working until now.hehe. from what i think for the first time is its a gud short cut. then, i feel so terrible how to stop this. and its all begun because a stick of the cigarette.somebody stop me.

a few month backward, i hv reduce ma cigarette but then after no one asked me to stop.and i doesnt stop at all. it begin to be ma habit. as u noe..normal guy; awake from sleep, before and after eating, and some of them while they were in gents.

the gud thing is i start smoking when i was 18.haha.and i dont break the law i guess.and i am a gud citizen of Malaysia.Hooray!

okey stop!

not for the cigarette.but the hooray things.hehe.the end

p/s: i wish i can stop.i wish someone will help me.amin

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