¶: Holidays End

Yeah..as u guys noe actually UiTM start on 4th of January 2010. But without any reason my friends and I should start our class on 28 December 2009.
Jezz why dis thing should happen to us. U guys noe what, it was the 3rd years i'm not celebrate the happy new year.hrmm..and the most important things is...one more time i have to cancel my camping at Gunung Ledang on 1st January.menci menci menci.
Hahaha...i just hv evil plan that is checked up late on 4th. but..could i do that??absolutly not.it just make all things worse.rite? hey bdway this holidays sucks rite. Only one things that is not..Something bout HER. hehe.Thanx dear.I'm really appreciate what you have done wif me.and thanx God i feel u are back to me maybe not for a long time.but i hope sometime,we will hv time together again.
For all my frends, I'm so sory cz cant make it wif u guys.but hopefully there is another time to camping.Wokey?? it should be Okey.hehe.thats the end.Thanx for reading.

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