¶: Dean List Oh Dean List

Ops! after my new update here come the new update. Jezz..UiTM Student Portal traffic SUCK. Thanx to Diyana Nordin to be the first who discover this. Alhamdulillah...after waiting and waiting at 11-Dec-2009 03:44 in the morning. Yana text and call me to congrats me bout my result.(thanx again yana, really2 appreciate dat). By knowing this result, tired in a whole semester disappear just lyk that.can you believe dat?

Days before Yana Call
Cant sleep.feels so scared.

Hour before Yana Call
plunged in thought the future.what will hapen to my result.especially my math.hand start shaking, ma leg start paralyzed.smoking lyk a dragon.

During Yana Call

1st..she told me bout my dean list. 2nd she told me bout my CGPA and GPA.3rd things dat she told and the things that i really want to know is her result.hehe.(sory yana, i'm too woried bout you).

After Yana Call
My blood pressure became normal.my heart become bunga-bunga, keep smiling lyk crazy person.

then here i am doing this blogs.then i show you my result.lalalalala.Alhamdulillah

p.s: new "done" on my 100 wish.

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.diyana. said...

congrats dear!stdy smart ok...

Zulfahmi Abidin said...

ngee....hehe.orait..thanx for your concern dear.

.diyana. said...


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